Special thanks to the following, who have helped us to make this years PhotoHunt bigger and better than ever and to keep the N.U.P.S going throughout the year.

Sponsor: Fujifilm Student Awards Sponsor: Lomography Sponsor: Metro Imaging

The 2012 PhotoHunt took place on Saturday 24th November 2012 – This page remains as an overview of the format for future events.


Our annual PhotoHunt has proven the highlight of many Uni Photographic Societies calendars; a timed scavenger hunt (with a twist!) across central London with a series of tasks to be completed, oh, and you’ll be competing as a team made up members from different photo societies!

It’s not all hard work though; the challenge ends with a sprint to a traditional English pub where everyone can relax with (insert your drink of preference here)!

After the event, scores will be awarded for objectives created and creativity shown by those taking part – with prizes for the winners and each team having their submissions showcased here on our website.

This event is aimed at photographers of all levels of ability and equipment – our judging criteria ensures we’ll be looking at the pictures you take, not the camera you took them with. We feel it’s important that both beginners and more experienced photographers can get something out of this… As an example – 2011’s winning team included a member who shot the whole event with a phone camera!

As a guide we’ve included details from the 2011 event:

Info Pack

Please click here to download a PDF of this years Information Pack – packed (sorry) with helpful information about the NUPS, the PhotoHunt (including starting location, dates / times), hostel information for anyone staying the night in London etc. We strongly recommend reading this pack if you plan on taking part this year!

Rules (Subject to change..)

Although our main aim here is an entertaining day for all, any competition needs a few rules. Here are ours, with more detailed instructions to be passed around on the day of the event.

1. Your team must photograph all 10 themes. (2 themes per person)

2. Your team should also try to find and photograph as many as the “Find” section list as possible.(1 person per find when submitting)

3. Photos must be taken with your own camera.

4. You must always travel with your team (No splitting up).

5. You must be polite and respectful to your team mates as well as the general public.

6. Each team’s leader must hand in a completed “theme list” and “find list” at the end of the event. Encourage your team to enter their photos after the event, as you win as a team.

Please note that deviation from these rules may result in penalties to your team and – of course – anyone found to be breaching rule 5 or engaging in any illegal activities whilst with us on the day will be removed from the event and / or dealt with via the appropriate channels.

We ask you to remember that whilst you will be unsupervised during the day, you will still be representing both us and your own universities and ask you to conduct yourselves appropriately.

On The Day

As much as we would like to, we can’t control the weather. Therefore we’ve put together a few ideas of what you should have with you for the day. Some are obviously more important than others but we strongly advise being prepared to ensure your own comfort and safety.


The days activities will see you on your feet for most of the day – sometimes without cover – so dressing according to the weather is a must. Shoes suitable for all-day walking (no stilettos!), a water resistant coat or jacket and (if it’s especially cold) winter clothing will all be useful. Umbrellas may be practical for rain but remember you’ll need to carry them and your camera gear through busy crowds, so be prepared to leave the ‘brolly behind!

(Camera) Equipment

Only you know what camera equipment you have at your disposal and what you favor using, but generally the day is fast paced with little time for setting up extravagant shots. Tripods etc. may add to the weight you carry and prove impractical on busy streets.


As with any day out, please bring money for any food and drink you need to buy (though some bring a packed lunch) as well as a phone for staying in touch with your group and fellow society members. If you intend to stay the night in London we strongly advise leaving any luggage etc. in your hotel/hostel as it will certainly get in the way during the day!

Also Remember

Like any major city, London can be prone to crime. Photographers with bags, open pockets, expensive cameras on show etc. are obvious targets so please be wary of your belongings at all times.

Whilst the aim of the event is to have fun and take part in healthy competition, remember you’re also in public and must be considerate of others at all times.

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